What The SSL Connection Error is And How to Fix It?

Nowadays, the Internet security is a critical issue for anyone who use it. That’s why many companies like Google or Facebook is trying to increase the security level and protect users’ data information. The good method to doing so is move from HTTP to HTTPS to encrypt users’ data before transmitting between user computers and servers.

However, there are still a few errors related to SSL connections which may prevent to encrypt users’ data. It could lead to security holes and make users easier to being attacked.

SSL Connection

Basically, an SSL certificate has a key pair: one public key and one private key. Both these keys will combine and work together to create an encrypted connection between the computer and the servers – and opposite.

When we load a website with the SSL certificate, the web browser, and the server will create an SSL connection by using a process named “SSL Handshake”.

In order to set up a secure connection through an SSL certificate, it also needs a session key. Encrypt and decrypt with the public and private key will take times and many processing power. So it’s just used to create the session key and since then, all data will be encrypted and decrypted by this key.

What is SSL Connection Error?

There are many causes could make the SSL connection error appears on your computer, and you can see it anywhere, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or any other web browsers.

When an SSL error is showing up on your web browser, you will see a red warning with error messages, such as Err SSL Protocol or Connection Is Not Private, depending on the type of SSL errors. When these errors occur, the HTTPS on the address bar of your browser also turned into red color to tell you that the SSL connection isn’t secure and private anymore.

Most cases, your internet browser only shows a warning, don’t prevent you from accessing the website. However, I would recommend you not to enter or provide any critical information when the SSL connection isn’t secure.

How to Fix SSL Connection Error?

As I mentioned above, the SSL connection errors happen due to several reasons, such as wrong date & time, web browser cookies & cache files or a particular program has blocked SSL connections.

To resolve the SSL connection, the first thing you will have to do is determine the cause of the error and then use a right way to fix it. For example, if a problem has blocked your SSL connections and lead to the SSL error, you need to turn off or terminate that program from running.

But if your web browser cookies & cache files result in this SSL error, you need to clean up all of those files – and the issue will be gone.

It depends on the type of mistakes, and so we can use the right solution to solve it. You can diagnose follow up all directions and troubleshoot the issue. There is no harm at all, but good.

I hope this article will help you to know more about the SSL connection and its errors. If you have any question about the SSL error, feel free to ask by leaving your comment below.

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