The Importance of Video Presentations in Marketing

If you are still wondering about investing in video presentations for marketing purposes, take that step because, according to Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. When used successfully, video presentations are powerful effective tools that will boost your marketing strategy and bring you more sales. If you are still not convinced, experts from Astudio shared with us why they think video presentations are important in marketing:

Good for sales

Using a video to introduce people to your business is a great way to get customers to know about your company. Wyzowl found that 84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video about it. You should use that to your advantage and create videos explaining your products and services. Then, upload these videos on your website’s landing page because that will invite more traffic and with them more sales. Additionally, post the videos on your social media accounts and even pin them on the top of the page. Another survey by Wyzowl found that 76% of social media users stated that they would share a branded video with their friends if it was entertaining. So, make them entertaining, make them informative and reap the profits.

Add credibility

When customers watch you introducing yourself and your business, taking them around your office, introducing them to your products and services, or showing them glimpses of your production process, they will trust you more. Trust will then bring sales, conversions and loyalty. When people are shopping online they only have what you give them, in terms of of product description and quality, to know about the product or service you are offering. Actually, 57% of consumers stated that videos gave them more confidence to purchase online. So, include useful interesting information in the videos, in a creative engaging nature. Some innovative ideas that can you help include infographic videos, product demos, live streams, Q&A videos, how- tos or a new product announcement.

Convey your message

To learn more about a product or a service, 98% of users say that they would watch an explainer video. So, take advantage of that fact and include the greatest qualities of your products or services in your product video. Make the video interesting using animation or stop motion techniques. Stay away from traditional interview videos because nobody wants to be lectured in a boring, old-fashioned, advertising video. You can also use customer testimonials and reviews in the videos. If you feel creating such videos is too complicated for your skills, hire a professional video production company and let them do the work.

Increase your rank

Using a video in your landing page will increase your rank in search engines like Google, Bing, etc. The reason is that search engines, in general, look for the content that engages the users most and favor it. So, if your videos are interesting, engaging and informative, your rank will surely increase. You can also post videos on YouTube since it is the second most trafficked site, after Google. Learn how to optimize YouTube videos according to SEO best practices. Do not forget to add links to your websites and products in the description box.


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