Inexpensive Tech Gift Ideas under $50

Christmas is a wonderful time for anyone except your bank account. Buying gifts for your family and friends can be quite expensive, especially if you are trying to buy them exactly what they want. The gift list is often quite long and at some point you realize that you can’t spend so much money and you must seek for a cheaper alternative.

Here is Inexpensive Tech Gift Ideas under $50 for you :

If you want to save money from Christmas gifts without disappointing your family and friends, then the list of affordable tech gifts we’ve created will help you a lot. We present to you, 10 tech gifts that cost less than $50 and will be appreciated by their receivers. The list consists of tech gifts which meet the needs of, techies, adventurers and photographers alike. So let’s start with the first idea:

HoldFast Camera Leash

If you know any photographers, then you should definitely take a look at the HoldFast Camera Leash. It costs just $44.99 and is a great replacement of the traditional neck straps. The leash is 100% leather and is very sturdy, so it is a durable and affordable gift that will certainly be appreciated by the photographers you know. The strap features a convenient rig and hook compatible with standard lug mounts.

Lomography Diana+ Camera with 75mm Lens

The Lomography Diana+ Camera with 75mm Lens is the successor of the popular Diana camera which was popular years ago. This soft-focus effect camera costs just $39.95 and will certainly be appreciated by anyone who wants to quickly shoot some high quality images. The camera works with a 120 roll film, supports two shutter speeds and allows you to choose from two images sizes.

Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

Spending $39.99 on a keyboard may seem unreasonable, but this keyboard is quite unique and will be appreciated by anyone who uses his computer for more than a couple of hours a day. The white-keyed keyboard’s main feature is the drainage holes which allow the user to simply rinse it and let it dry. The easy-to-clean peripheral comes with laser-printed characters which have been coated with UV ink. The manufacturer states that each key can last up to 5,000,000 strokes.

POP Phone

The POP Phone gives the modern smartphone a retro makeover that is quite interesting. The POP Phone connects to your device via the headphone jack and allows you to talk through it. This eliminates 99% of the radiation that you would absorb by speaking directly through yur smartphone. The interesting gadget costs just $29.99. There is also a slightly more expensive Bluetooth model if you want to completely eliminate wiring.

Star Wars Heroes & Villains Pancake Moulds

The collection of Star Wars Pancake Moulds is a great way to make the Sunday breakfast more interesting. The gift is available for just $19.95 and we doubt that there is someone who won’t like eating a Yoda-pancake. There is also a special Star Wars Vehicle Pancake Mould set which includes The Millennium Falcon, the TIE Fighter used by Darth Vader and other vehicles seen in the movie series.

Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker

Making a pizza is much easier with the Presto Pizzazz Pizza Maker. This $49.99 isn’t very popular and we just found it by browsing Amazon. The reviews were pretty good it seems like that this device is a real bargain, considering its low price. The 1,235-watt oven greatly reduces the time required to cook pizza. It can be used to cook both frozen and fresh pizzas which are no-more than 12 inches in diameter.

HydraCoach Water Bottle

If you know someone who likes to exercise a lot then the HydraCoach Water Bottle may be the perfect gift for them. With a price of just $29.99, this water bottle is the dream gift of any athlete. The interactive device takes in account the user’s body weight in order to calculate how much fluids the athlete should consume in a day. It also follows the fluid consumption progress and alerts the user if it is too low.

Roku LT

The Roku LT is one of the greatest and most affordable media hubs you can get your hands on. The thing that makes it so great is its price. This handy little device costs just $49.99 and can connect with a range of web-streaming services including Hulu Plus, HBO GO and Netflix. Such a functional and convenient device will certainly be appreciated by anyone who regularly uses web-streaming services.

180s TEC Fleece With Headphones

Winter is coming and many people must choose between earmuffs and headphones. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice neither one of the two extras, because 180s, a popular apparel brand, came up with a convenient solution. The behind-the-head earmuffs which the company offers are very convenient and feature a set of stereo headphones. This $35 apparel will keep your ear warm and allow you to listen to your favourite tracks while walking in the cold weather.

Liquid Image Explorer Series Camera Mask

This piece of outdoor apparel is a great choice for anyone who loves spending his holidays at a tropical location. The swim mask comes with an in-built camera which can record video and pictures to the 16MB integrated memory and a microSD card up to 32GB. The 3.1Mp model of the mask costs just $49. Overall, this is a great gift that allows you to save some unique footage from your tropical getaway.

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