Golf and Technology

The game of golf dates back to the Middle Ages. It has survived many different changes over the years but stayed essentially the same. The rise of new technologies hasn’t passed the game by. Even though the main rules and the appearance of golf aren’t changing drastically, the new technologies are helping players enjoy the game more.

Numerous gadgets can help an average golf player simplify the game and make it more interesting. Some of the players can’t fathom going out to the field without a smartwatch or a smartphone at hand.

Let’s take a look at several options available to the contemporary golfer.

1. Golf Watch

GPS golf watch allows players to make excellent decisions about their actions on the course. Meanwhile, it can help them track the activity and stats. The ability to analyze this information after the game helps both amateur and professional players improve it.

These watches come in numerous designs for both men and women. They aren’t heavy or bulky making them easy to wear during the game. Golf watches are specifically designed not to interfere with the swing.

Many golf watches act as fitness bracelets, measuring your steps, pulse, burned calories, and sleep patterns. Such gadgets can cost from $70 to $400 and beyond, depending on the brand and available features.

2. Swing Sensor

Golf lovers can invest in a useful swing sensor gadget, which comfortably attaches to the golf glove. This analyzer uses the power of the newest technologies to guide the swing and give players feedback about their game.

The sensor analyzes your current swing and immediately gives you suggestions about improving your further play. You can get priceless information about swing path, face orientation, swing rhythm, and much more.

The results are either available on your smartphone or the web. So you can check them without leaving the course. You can even share your game with your friends.

3. Improved Golf Clothing

New technologies have helped golf clothing manufacturers come up with improved options. Soft yet springy shoe soles allow easier playing and keep your feet comfortable during hours on the course. The shoe-making technologies have gone a long way combining comfort, flexibility, and support.

Special t-shirt and shorts material wicks away the moisture, allowing you to deal with the heat and sweat during the game.

Lightweight and breathable caps keep the sweat away from your face while offering sun protection.

4. Game Analyzers

Instead of clipping analyzers to your glove or carrying a large watch, you can take advantage of special analyzers that attach to your clubs. You don’t have to divert your attention from the game to check the results.

After the game is over, you collect the information and settle in for a long analyzing session. While this system seems more convenient than a golf watch, the price difference is hardly noticeable.

5. Advanced Clubs

Technologically advanced clubs are making it to the professional and amateur golf game with the speed of light. The sliding weights allow you to adjust the shape of your shot. There are many different advanced clubs available on the market today. The majority is designed for golf players with at least some experience and professionals.

6. Golf Balls

The new technologies have come far enough to create an advanced golf ball. The materials the ball is made of help it maintain the energy on impact. The golf ball makeup has been changing over the years to bring us the most close-to-perfect option today.


Technologies are changing the game of golf and making it more exciting for the player. Even though some golfers don’t appreciate such interference, it’s hard to fight it.


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