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Today we see a lot of animated characters popular in gaming world and one of them is Ben 10. Ben 10 is a young boy, who can transform into some super powered characters. He uses a specific device for that, which is called as “Omnitrix”. It has been just a television show but now we can see related movies and a large number of video games as well. These games are not only handheld but available in gaming consoles as well. Here, we are discussing some best Ben 10 games, which are loved by majority of those kids and young fellows who are interested to live in gaming world all the day.

Ben Ten Protector of Earth

This game was released in 2007 and was the first franchise video game of the series. It was developed with high voltage software and people can play it on Play station portable, PlayStation 2 and Wii. The Nintendo DS version was developed by the 1st Playable production. This is an interesting game, where the main character Ben loses his ability to transform. At various levels, you have to face various adventures and you can get the powers of Ben gradually back.

Ben Ten Alien Force

This game was launched in 2008. Portable versions were created by the Monkey Bar games and it can be played on PlayStation 2, Play station and Wii. In this story, Ben has to fight against different enemies like DN Aliens and Forever Knights. You can use all alien forms of Ben. But few forms like Goop and Echo Echo are for the DS version players only. Other than Ben, you can also take the charge of Gwen, former Rival of Ben, Ben’s cousin and Kevin. If you want you can enjoy ultimate alien games too.

Ben Ten Vilgax Attacks

This game was developed by the Papaya Studios, which was released in 2009. The game play of Vilgax Attacks is supported for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and Play station portable. This game is about the Ben and his friends, when they travel in time, to destroy the negative plans of Vigax. We can rank it as a puzzle game but it’s really adventurous too. Moreover, you can board a space ship as well and enjoy optional stages there.

Ben Ten Cosmic Destruction

This is an interesting game, when you can travel with Ben throughout the world. Ben has to collect artifacts during this journey. These are not the ordinary artifacts; rather they can change the course of cosmic storm, which is really dangerous. You will get new alien creatures in this game, which will be help you to solve puzzles and you will be able to fight with different enemies. This game is developed by the Papaya Studio and you can play it on PlayStation 2, Wii, Play station 3 and Xbox 3560. The Nintendo DS version is developed by the Griptonite game. Play station 3 players can also play forums, which is another alien.

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