Advantages of SaaS Platforms for Online Courses

Do you want to share your expertise with the world by selling online courses? Look no further than a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform solution. A SaaS is a software that a third-party provides to allow for the hosting of subscriber applications (such as online courses) that can be delivered to paying customers of the subscriber (Rouse, 2016).  There are many benefits of SaaS platforms for online courses.  In this article, I will be addressing the advantages of utilizing a SaaS platform, such as CertCentral, for your online course business.

A SaaS platform is cost-effective for initial setup and upgrades.

  • SaaS platform is a cloud-powered solution that does not require installation of in-house systems to support its function. The initial set up cost of a non-cloud-powered software system is much higher than the set-up for a cloud-powered SaaS.  When you apply for a custom Enterprise solution, the SaaS platform can simply be coded to fit your training requirements, and then immediately accessed anywhere with a connection to wifi by students and subscribers (Rhyman, 2018).
  • If you start out wanting a lower user limit (as you are not sure how many people will initially be wanting to buy your online course) it is easy to sign up for a more affordable and smaller subscription plan to start. Then, work your way to a larger more expensive plan as your online student population grows (Rhyman, 2018).

 With a SaaS platform, there’s no need for IT staff to maintain the software!

  • Is there a tech problem in which students are unable to access your online course? No worries! With a SaaS platform, a third party company will supply 24/7 tech support to maintain your online course business so you don’t have to hire IT staff to privately provide technical assistance (Rhyman, 2018).
  • Additionally, with a cloud-powered SaaS solution, upgrades are automatically pushed to the system to provide a stronger user experience weekly! No need to pay IT staff to continuously update the SaaS platform for you (Rhyman, 2018).

  A SaaS platform is compatible with multiple devices.

  • Provide an online course solution that can be delivered to paying students through on-the-go devices.
  • Learners have busy lives, and if you are looking to provide an online course solution that is easy to access from anywhere, provide it through a SaaS platform that provides access to courses via mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

  A SaaS platform can integrate seamlessly with an online payment gateway.

  • When you deliver your online course on a SaaS platform that integrates with a payment gateway, it is simple to conduct eCommerce activities (Protheroe, 2018).  For example, CertCentral seamlessly integrates with Stripe to provide online course creators an easy means by which to set prices for courses, and then collect payments from paying students.
  • With CertCentral, students click the open registration link to your course, enter their email and password for a student account, enter their billing information, and then immediately enter your course to begin your program!

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