6 Technology Trends in Dentistry

Dentistry dates back to 7,000 BC, being the oldest profession in the world. For the past 9,000 years, it has taken a few major steps forward, turning rather torturous procedures into a painless experience.

The fastest development of dentistry has happened in the past few years. The technologies are marching forward, helping people enjoy sparkling white smiles regardless of their age, diet or habits.

We asked experts from Bajars dental clinic to share the latest technology trends in dentistry. What should we expect as patients in the nearest future?

1. 3D Printing

3D printing is being used in many different health-related directions, including dentistry. 3D resin printing offers custom dental solutions to many patients. In the past years, 3D printing was mostly used to create orthodontic products. Today, it’s being applied in general dentistry for making implants, in prosthodontics, and for sleep apnea solutions.

Using resin for 3D printing in dentistry allows specialists to produce the smallest details necessary for dental devices. Resin components are suitable for long and short-term dental solutions. Many dental practices are investing in 3D printers to offer the best options to their patients.

2. New Laser Technologies

Lasers are being used in different health-related industries, including cosmetic surgeries and dentistry. In the past few years, lasers have taken the dental industry by storm. They allow eliminating pain and discomfort during numerous dental procedures.

The laser is being used for getting rid of tumors, dealing with caries, and tooth sensitivity treatment. Laser teeth cleaning has done wonders for oral hygiene. It fights numerous bacteria and keeps teeth clean and healthy. This technology trend is bound to evolve in the nearest future, helping dentists keep their patients satisfied.

3. Visual Dentistry

With the help of CAD technologies, patients can see the results of the treatment before it’s actually done. This does plenty for the emotional component of dentistry. Seeing the clear picture of what they will get after a dentist’s visit improves the patients’ trust in the specialist while making them more willing to undergo the procedure.

Patients now have the chance to choose what suits them the best. They can virtually pick the smile they have always wanted. Such an approach changes the whole process of getting dental services and increases patients’ satisfaction by a big margin.

4. Blockchain

The blockchain is being used in many industries, including dentistry. It allows easy access to patient data, making doctor to patient relationship easier and more productive. The blockchain is helping change the healthcare industry by making the interaction between the parties more advanced.

Numerous apps are being designed to help dentist offices gather information about the patients and make the right decisions about treatments. For example, Dentacoin is a platform, which plans to give patients low-cost access to lifetime dental services. Blockchain can help people all over the world get high quality yet moderately priced dental support.

5. Digital X-Raying

Dental x-rays are rather annoying. They tend to cause patients some discomfort. Digital x-rays have helped solve the problem. The amount of radiation is greatly reduced since the digital sensor can make an x-ray four times faster than the traditional method.

6. Intra-Oral Camera

In order to get a good image of the mouth cavity, the dentists of today use intraoral cameras. These cameras can help the specialist see whatever is impossible to discover by making a regular visual exam. Such cameras help dentists avoid missing tooth defects. Meanwhile, a good camera view can help the patients see problems with their hygiene.


Dentist technologies are advancing at a surprisingly high speed, making the patient’s experience much more comfortable.

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